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11 Jun 2021
Content removal discrimination by social media companies

Yair Cohen explains why social media companies appear to be discriminating against Russian generated content, even when it comes at the expense of vulnerable people who had been subject to people trafficking and to sexual abuse. Read more Online Content Removal

06 Jun 2021
Florida Senate Bill 7072

What is Florida Senate Bill 7072 and why it was enacted. Read more about Florida Senate Bill 7072  

06 Jun 2021
The US to give the ransomware threat same priority as terrorism

The US might give ransomware threat the same priority as terrorism. Yair Cohen explains in this live panel discussion that as US internal security services have requested powers that will allow them to handle ransomware hacking crimes in the same way that they handle terrorism activities, other crimes might now come under the same banner […]

28 Apr 2021
Apple fined $12M in Russia over app market abuse. Yair Cohen explains why

Apple’s “crime” was that it made it difficult for a third-party company who developed a child safety app, to sell the app through its app store. Instead, Apple promoted its own app, exclusively. Read more: Apple fined $12M in Russia over alleged app market abuse

17 Apr 2021
Google found guilty on location cheating in Australia

Google found to have misled Australian users in location tracking case. The Australian Federal Court has ruled that Google misled users in the country when it comes to how it collects and uses location data. Google was particularly crafty on this occasion as it gave users two different security settings, both of which had to […]

17 Apr 2021
Can social media companies rewrite history?

Never before in human history, have those in charge of carrying public information to billions of people across the planet, been left unregulated.  The closest example of large scale information carriers are telephone companies and TV news stations, both of which operate under licences, which prohibit discrimination or selection of their users. Certainly not a […]

06 Mar 2021
Why are farmers in India supported by social media giants

Why India farmers protest is supported by social media giants who say they will refuse to comply with the take down requests by the Indian government and instead, act upon their own judgement Yair Cohen, social media lawyer talks live about social media giants’ hypocrisy when dealing with the largest democracy in the world. Read […]

23 Feb 2021
Facebook political ad ban blocks COVID19 vaccine messages

Facebook has been blocking messages from city authorities, health care providers and community officials promoting vaccination against COVID-19. This again has called into question how effective the platform is in helping public awareness campaigns. Read more Does Facebook deliberately promote Chaos | Social Media Lawyer (

05 Feb 2021
Facebook hands in user private messages to FBI

How safe are your private messages on Facebook chat

05 Feb 2021
Calling for more online harassers to be prosecuted

Yair Cohen in a radio interview with BBC Scotland

30 Aug 2020
Should political ads be banned on social media?

What role social media ads play during election campaigns

18 Jun 2020
Financial institutions spy on employees computers at home

How far spying on employees during working from home COVID should go Read more Tool lets the boss watch staff working from home  

28 Apr 2020
Why European states are slow to use mobile tracing technology during COVID-19

How far can governments go in using mobile technology during COVID Tracing apps are playing a significant role in some countries in combating COVID-19. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has given a huge boost to some technological advances but more importantly, the virus has created a public readiness to accept them. The COVID-19 outbreak […]

23 Apr 2020
Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

What are the legal consequences of parents posting images and other private information about their young children on the internet Read more Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

28 Feb 2020
Online harassment laws need to change to help victims of online harassment get their lives back

It is time we have reconsidered our approach to online harassment and so-called right to anonymity on the internet. There is a very simple way to get rid of online trolls, a phenomena that comes as a standard package, together with your brand new PC, iPhone, tablet and your internet connection. Online harassment can be […]