Yair Cohen social media lawyer

Social media law presentations

Unique, custom designed group and organisation presentations. Yair is one of the most authoritative solicitors in the UK in the field of internet and social media law. Yair creates and delivers presentations to the specific requirements of the audience. Yair’s social media law presentations are suitable for:

  • Boards of directors
  • Teams managements
  • Team players, including professional sports people and athletes
  • Celebrities (or celebrities to be), as part of high-end social media handling training. These presentations are often booked by TV channels and TV and film production companies
  • Professional organisations (such as lawyers, accountants, PR consultants)

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Removal of content from the internet in particularly challenging circumstances

Privacy and page removal project that usually are turned down by other privacy or internet lawyers due to high volume and/or the lack of experience or expertise. Most of Yair published and unpublished cases are unique in circumstances and the challenges they present to Yair’s clients and to the English legal system.

In the past 10 years Yair had created more legal precedents in the field of privacy and social media law than any other lawyer in the UK. These type of projects are often referred to Yair by other lawyers. Your case will typically be:

  • Complex
  • High volume of evidence and/or high volume of internet links
  • Evidently challenging
  • Legally challenging (likely to be involved legal precedent)

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Discovery of identities and obtaining disclosure orders

Discovery of the identity of internet trolls is one of Yair’s main specialities. Often this will be a case where you will be facing a particularity internet savvy perpetrator. It often also involves obtaining disclosure orders from social media companies and from other websites around the world. To this end, Yair is happy to work together with the police and with the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure a speedy recovery of evidence and compliance with UK and international rules of evidence.

  • Obtaining disclosure orders from Google, Facebook and other major social media companies
  • Domestication of UK court orders, in foreign jurisdictions
  • Obtaining disclosure orders against website operators in the US and other international jurisdictions

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Yair Cohen social media law expert

Social media legal advice

With nearly 20 years of experience of practising internet and social media law and having been involved in the creation of scores of legal precedents in privacy law, protection from harassment and users’ identity disclosure, expect Yair Cohen to deliver clear, pragmatic and highly effective internet law legal advice.

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Reputation management consultancy

Everyone now knows that the interaction between the law, social media and your business could get tricky at times. This is why sometimes a matter which might seem to the relatively inexperienced lawyer in this field a routine legal issue, could turn before your own eyes into a reputational disaster. It doesn’t matter how promptly you require an effective legal advice, you can always book an ad hock consultation call or meeting with Yair Cohen or retain him to become an integral yet independent member of your team to deliver routine internet law and social media legal advice to you, your staff and to your existing inhouse Counsel.

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Yair Cohen social media lawyer

Internet law training and keynote speaking

Yair is one of a handful of lawyers in the UK who specialises in Social Media and Internet Law. His training record spans from briefing groups of CEOs on delivering and controlling transparency on social media to training the lawyers of an entire London law firm on delivering advice on internet law. Yair is an entertaining public speaker whose expertise spans the broader field of internet and social media law and online reputation management strategies. Yair is the author of The Net Is Closing’ Birth of the E-police, which delivers an interesting overview of the past, present and future policing of the internet. Yair makes regular appearances on TV and radio shows and he occasionally presents the popular Legal Hour, live phone-in show on LBC 97.3.

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Upcoming Events

May 2020

The Internet Law Leadership Summit 2020

14 May 2020  -  15 May 2020

The annual gathering of the most prominent internet law lawyers and attorneys from across the world

From 09:00 until 17:00

At Aria Hotel, Las Vegas

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April 2020

The Data Protection Practitioners' Conference 2020

06 Apr 2020

The annual ICO conference with Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham CBE

From 08:30 until 17:00

At Manchester Central Convention Complex

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