The case of Rada-Ortiz v Espinosa-Vadillo

Injunction against harassment by a former employee

Case summary

The case of Rada-Ortiz v Espinosa-Vadillo involved two employees of the United Nation’s  International Maritime Organisation. Yair Cohen represented the claimant who was the former boss the defendant. Following a trial period, Ms Rada Ortiz took the decision to not offer the defendant permanent employment with the UN.

After both left their employment with the UN, the defendant began to harass Ms Rada-Ortiz online. He created a website where he posted private images of his former boss, wearing an evening dress in private party and other images which Miss Rada-Ortiz did not intend to be for public consumption. The defendant also published lengthy blog posts about his former boss, portraying her in a negative light where he mentioned her name 82 times.

Case outcome

The defendant claimed that he was raising a matter of public interest about what he perceived as the unfair way by which the United Nation agency was treating employees.

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