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28 Mar 2019
Freedom of Speech and Online Harassment

Why is it that people feel that they can say what they want about people on the internet that they wouldn’t necessarily say to someone’s face?. It broadly goes back to the early days of the internet, where there was a perception that the internet was outside the scope of regulations and policing. It was […]

24 Feb 2019
Should online abuse become a criminal offence?

Katie Price is certainly a controversial figure who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. But does this necessarily make her a fair target to online abuse?

She doesn’t think so and i’m supporting her. Katie Price and her children have been suffering from online abuse and harassment far before many members of Parliament started to recognised online harassment and abuse as an issue worth discussing.

20 Oct 2016
What makes it worthwhile being an internet lawyer

Cohen Davis law society award in delivering excellent client care service. We do our best to deliver an outstanding level of internet law services to all our clients by opening our processes. Internet law experts UK. Strategies minute by minute, step by step.

02 Oct 2015
Yair Cohen Presents at Internet Law Leadership Summit 2015 in Las Vegas

Yair Cohen presents at the Internet Law Leadership Summit Las Vegas 2015

23 Aug 2015
Online harassment injunction first | Profile Yair Cohen| Law Society Gazette

Social media harassment injunction to stop internet trolls. Specialist social media injunctions lawyer Yair Cohen is in the news

09 Jun 2015
Harassment Injunction Lawyers Serve for the First Time Harassment Injunction via Instagram

Social media litigation lawyer obtained online harassment injunction to stop internet trolls abusing his victim on social media. Serving online harassment injunction via social media on Instagram. Yair Cohen social media lawyer specialises in difficult cases of online harassment and internet harassment law

10 Jan 2015
Making successful right to be forgotten requests to Google

Making successful right to be forgotten request from Google. Social media solicitor Yair Cohen explains how to avoid common mistakes in making an application under a right to be forgotten.

22 Nov 2014
Defamation on the internet might land you in jail!

Social media litigation solicitor Yair Cohen double sued internet user for harassment both under criminal law and then under civil law. A criminal conviction makes it far easier to claim compensation for harassment and defamation in a civil court.

12 Oct 2014
Defamation against a company – treat it with urgency!

why it is so important to obtain legal advice quickly and not delay matters when it comes to online defamation.

09 Sep 2014
Are operators of review websites liable for defamation posted by anonymous users?

The truth, which every defamation solicitor who specialises in removing defamation from the internet should be able to tell you, is that the majority of the operators of review websites. business defamation on review website

19 May 2014
A right to be forgotten Solicitors

A right to be forgotten Solicitors A right to be forgotten lawyers: New Google take-down requests. What does it mean to you?

22 Mar 2014
Remove review from yelp

Remove review from yelp Can you remove fake reviews from Yelp even if Yelp tells you that you are doomed? 

10 Mar 2014
Yair Cohen presents at Google Campus event on Reputation Law for Startups

Yair is a Social media business solicitor who specialises in social media, internet law and online reputation of business. His clients ‎include companies listed on the London stock exchange as well as start-ups

24 Jan 2014
Social Media Sites and Corporate Social Responsibility – The Case Of Stan Collymor

Social media solicitor Yair Cohen says that social media users work for their masters by producing never-ending internet content and by constantly engaging

15 Jan 2014
Encourage the young to create our new internet laws

The Internet and the laws that are meant to protect us are only in their infancy. At present, the law ‎plays catch up

03 Jan 2014
Why Social Media Is So Powerful?

Social media lawyer Yair Cohen says that the internet and social media, through the collective wisdom and madness of the crowd is very judgemental and could be unforgiving.