About Yair Cohen

Yair Cohen is a solicitor qualified in the UK and in Ireland and a partner at Cohen Davis Solicitors, an awards winning UK law firm that specialises in internet and social media law.

Yair has been involved with the internet since 1997 first as a web and e-commerce developer and later as a full time internet law solicitor. He is the author of the book The Net Is Closing: birth of the e-police which examines the subject of internet policing from the eyes of victims of internet lawlessness.

With the increased popularity of the internet, internet law, social media law and reputation law have become Yair’s main legal practice and in 2012 he founded Cohen Davis Solicitors, a truly niche law firm that has its focus exclusively in complicated and challenging internet law issues.

Yair knows the internet almost inside out. From the front end (which is what internet users see) all the way through to the back end (where all the funny codes are). He has closely followed 20 years of changes in Search Engine Optimisation and search engines’ behaviour and he knows those topics well. Having worked on hundreds of internet law cases, Yair has acquired true understanding of human behaviour on the internet, experience which helps him assist his worldwide clients in resolving internet law related conflicts. Yair is honoured to have been invited to become a member of the Internet Law Leadership Summit, a small group of elite internet law attorneys who meet regularly to discuss the hottest topic, cases and legal developments in internet law around the world.

In addition to his legal work, Yair is a trustee and an expert visitor at social mobility charity Big Voice London, an independent social mobility charity which is also supported by, but independent from, the United Kingdom Supreme Court. The charity gives young people, often from unprivileged background, the opportunity to learn about the work of the Supreme Court and the Law Commission – the key law reform institution for England and Wales – and to engage with cutting edge legal policy. It also empowers them to create and develop the changes in the world they would like to see.

Yair is an enthusiastic internet law and social media trainer and as such he helps his corporate clients develop bespoke corporate training programs covering case studies and other valuable practical experience.

Upcoming Events

May 2020

The Internet Law Leadership Summit 2020

14 May 2020  -  15 May 2020

The annual gathering of the most prominent internet law lawyers and attorneys from across the world

From 09:00 until 17:00

At Aria Hotel, Las Vegas

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April 2020

The Data Protection Practitioners' Conference 2020

06 Apr 2020

The annual ICO conference with Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham CBE

From 08:30 until 17:00

At Manchester Central Convention Complex

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