The case of XLD v KZL

The first case of blackmail injunction grated to a US citizen who was blackmailed by a sex worker from England

Case summary

The case of XLD v KZL involved a public figure who divided his time between the UK and the US and who sought companionship through a dating website called Seeking Arrangement. Having form relationships with the companion, KZL, KZL began to blackmail the claimant. She extorted large sums of money from him under threats that she would disclose the nature of their relationship to his wife, children and business associates.

Yair Cohen was assigned to the case to first unravel the true identity of KZL, to secure a a privacy injunction against her and to serve the injunction on her before she had an opportunity to disclose or publish online her relationship with XLD or his name.

Case outcome

Following a highly strategic operation, Yair Cohen applied to the High Court for a blackmail injunction, preventing KZL from making any type of disclosure about her relationship with XLD or about XLD’s name.

A court order ensured that the true identity of XLD would never be revealed, even not on court papers. The injunction was grated in private and in the absence of KZL and was immediately served on her by private detectives who followed her footsteps to ensure that she was served with the privacy injunction at the earliest opportunity and without a chance to make a damaging disclosure.

XLD was then ordered to attend court for a further hearing, to face the consequences of her action and to ensure that she fully understood that a breach of the privacy injunction would result in her imprisonment.

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XLD v KZL [2020] EWHC 1558 (QB) (17 June 2020) (

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