The case of Dominated Men and Mario Rogers

Yair Cohen has taken on a sadistic porn producer who abused homeless men

Case summary

The case of Dominated Men and Mario Rogers involved an exclusive pornographic website which featured humiliated men being performed sadistic sex acts upon.

Yair Cohen’s involvement in the case came about after a homeless man had contacted him in desperation, claiming that he was picked up off the streets when he was at his lowest, having temporarily become homeless, and for a small amount of money was mislead into performing in a sex video.

He was taken to a location by Mr Rogers who performed intrusive acts upon him. Shortly after, the homeless man begged Mr Rogers to not publish the humiliating video but he was being dismissed.

The websites that Mr Rogers was operating had dozens of humiliating videos of men. Many appeared desperate and hopeless.

Case outcome

After weeks of intensive investigations, Mr Rogers was located and served with legal documents. He turned out to be a Head Teacher in a school in Essex and a school Governor responsible child safety in another school. Following legal proceedings, Mr Rogers settled the case out of court by paying damages to his victim, removing the offending videos and providing copyright transfers. Later on, following an investigation by The Times newspaper Mr Rogers shut down his entire website network, which meant salvation of the dozens of innocent men who featured on them.

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