The case of Nicola Brookes V Persons Unknown

The first disclosure application against Facebook – Norwich Pharmacal order

Case summary

The case of one brave woman, Nicola Brookes, paved the way for thousands of online abuse victims to demand that Facebook and other social media companies reveal the identity of internet trolls to their victims.

Nicola Brookes was trolled by anonymous Facebook users after she “dared” defending an X Factor contestant, who himself was being bullied online.

After giving up hope that the police will provide her with support, determined Nicola contacted dozens of lawyers with the hope of receiving legal support to try and identify her tormentor. Eventually solicitor Yair Cohen agreed to take on her case on a pro-bono basis.

Case outcome

Nicola’s case made history of being the first ever case where Facebook was compelled to provide personal information about her users following an historic injunction application before the High Court in London.

Once the information was received from Facebook, it became clearer why the police might not have been as helpful as they should. The main internet troll who tormented Nicola, was a police officer himself.

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