Is online abuse a criminal offence in the UK

Is online abuse a criminal offence?

Yes. Online abuse could be a criminal offence in the UK.

It appears that if you are in the public eye, many people think it’s perfectly fine to sit behind a smartphone or a computer and direct abuse at you. Celebrity Katie Price, seemed to have had enough of receiving online abuse. Katie Price is certainly a controversial figure who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. But does this necessarily make her a fair target for online abuse?

She doesn’t think so and I am supporting her. Katie Price and her children have been suffering from online abuse and harassment long before many members of Parliament started to recognise online harassment and internet abuse as an issue worth discussing. I have worked as an harassment lawyer on many internet law cases in the past 20 years and can attest that the type of abuse and harassment that Ms Price and her family are enduring is extremely unpleasant and certainly unacceptable.

In the past, I suspect, some people even felt that Ms Price deserved the abuse she was experiencing. But that was long before MPs realised that they too, could become the target of online harassers. Now, Katie Price is calling on the UK government to adopt Harvey’s Law, named after her son, Harvey Price, to make online abuse a specific criminal offense. She wants the government to create a register of offenders, in the same way that in the United States they have a register of sex offenders.

A register of internet trolls might never become a reality, but online abuse should perhaps become a criminal offense. After all, there is an increasing number of people who are put off from going online because of the abuse they experience and I know a lot of people in the public eye who get it every single day.
Earlier this month I spoke to Jason Mohammad on BBC radio .You can read the interview or listen to it here: Should online abuse become a criminal offence?

About Katie Price abuse online

Katie Price has been at the centre of media attention for over two decades, and unfortunately, a large portion of this attention is not positive. As a celebrity and public figure, she has been subjected to an abusive level of trolling on social media platforms and by other public means. The level of abuse is extensive, and on a much higher scale than that of other public figures. The negative attention has been relentless and has caused considerable distress for Price and her family. It is an issue that needs to be addressed not only for Price but for other public figures as well. In this blog post, we will discuss the extent of the trolling Price has been subjected to and its implications on her mental health. It is crucial to raise awareness on the damaging effects of trolling and to address the lack of protection afforded to public figures in such cases.

Katie Price’s history of public abuse

Katie Price is no stranger to public abuse. Throughout her career, she has faced criticism and online trolling due to her appearance, her activities, and her personal life. The abuse has been so intense that it has caused her to take a step back from her career and her public life. From being called ‘too big’ to ‘too small’, to being shamed for her past relationships and her parenting decisions, Katie Price’s history of public abuse is a long one. It is this history of abuse that has played a role in her decision to step away from the public eye. Despite all the criticism, Katie Price has maintained a positive attitude and has continued to strive for success.

Examples of abuse of Katie Price by internet trolls

Examples of abuse of Katie Price by internet trolls

Katie Price has been subjected to some of the worst abuse from internet trolls in recent memory. Examples include receiving death threats, hateful comments on her posts, and being subjected to misogynistic insults. The impact of this abuse has been immense, causing Price to suffer from anxiety and depression, resulting in her taking time away from social media. The trolls’ actions are not only hurtful, but also illegal, and Price is taking a stand by taking legal action against them. It is important to recognise the prevalence of online abuse and take steps to combat it.

The impact of the abuse on Katie Price

The impact of the abuse on Katie Price has been devastating. It has led to her feeling anxious and depressed, which has in turn caused her to suffer from insomnia. She has also received death threats and has been targeted with sexual abuse. The abuse has caused her to feel ashamed and worthless, and she has had to take a break from her career to focus on her mental health. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the abuse has been taken seriously by those who have subjected her to it, as it continues to happen on a regular basis. Katie Price is a victim of cyberbullying and it is essential that it is recognised as a serious and damaging form of abuse.

Should online abuse become a specific criminal offence

In light of the recent high-scale abuse that Katie Price has been subjected to by internet trolls, it is clear that stronger measures must be taken to combat online abuse. The need for regulations, enforcement, and education is paramount in order to protect vulnerable people from the hurtful and often malicious content that can be found online. Governments, tech companies, and law enforcement must work together to create effective strategies that can effectively reduce online abuse. Additionally, the public must be educated on the impact of their words and actions, and how it can lead to distress and harm. Only by taking these measures can we effectively reduce online abuse and create a safer environment for everyone

The steps Katie Price has taken to fight back against trolls

Katie Price has been subjected to abuse by internet trolls on a high scale. In response, she has taken some proactive steps to try and put an end to the abuse. These steps include:

  • Reaching out to the police and making a formal complaint about the trolls;
  • Making her social media accounts private so that only her friends and family can see her posts;
  • Publicly condemning the trolls in interviews and on social media;
  • Blocking and reporting trolls who post abusive comments and messages; and
  • Creating a website devoted to helping other victims of online bullying. Katie has been vocal about her experiences and is an example of how to take a stand against online harassment.

If you are a celebrity who suffers from online abuse, you should seek legal advice and help. We have helped dozen of celebrities who have been subjected to online abuse, harassment and breach of privacy.

It is important to remember that you are not alone and that there are many people who are willing to support you and help you out. You can also report the abuse to the police and contact the relevant websites to have the comments removed. It is also important to remember to keep a record of any online abuse. This can help provide evidence if you decide to take legal action. If you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly being subjected to online abuse, it is important to seek professional help and support.

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