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08 Jan 2022
Why people do not change their privacy settings on Facebook and Google

French data protection regulator has fined Google and Facebook because it found that the social media companies had made it easier for users to accept all cookies, but to reject them all, it would take 5-10 minutes to do. Facebook and Google were told to make it equality easy for their users to opt in […]

25 Dec 2021
A step too far for Facebook fact-checker

After Facebook fact-checker decided to take on one of the most credible medical publications in the world, Facebook had to admit that its fact-checking is only “an opinion” Read more Facebook fact-check is only an unlearned opinion ended up with . The British Medical Journal dared to publish whistle-blower report about the mishandling of COVID […]

10 Nov 2021
Google loses appeal of $2.8 billion fine in E.U. anti-trust case

Why the decision against Google is important Google has lost its appeal against a $2.8 billion fine, which was imposed on it by the EU after the European Commission concluded that it was operating in an anti competitive environment. This decision against Google is important but no many people fully appreciate its significance. Read more […]

29 Sep 2021
YouTube deletes RT news

YouTube deletes RT’s German channels over alleged Covid misinformation YouTube deprives 500.000,000 news consumers of two popular news channels. Read more YouTube deletes RT

13 Aug 2021
Yair Cohen on GMB – How to combat social media football racism

Solicitor Yair Cohen interview with Good Morning Britain Social media lawyer Yair Cohen interview about racism in football via social media. Yair explains what needs to be done to stop social media racism for once and for all.

11 Jun 2021
Content removal discrimination by social media companies

Yair Cohen explains why social media companies appear to be discriminating against Russian generated content, even when it comes at the expense of vulnerable people who had been subject to people trafficking and to sexual abuse. Read more Online Content Removal

06 Jun 2021
Florida Senate Bill 7072

What is Florida Senate Bill 7072 and why it was enacted. Read more about Florida Senate Bill 7072  

06 Jun 2021
The US to give the ransomware threat same priority as terrorism

The US might give ransomware threat the same priority as terrorism. Yair Cohen explains in this live panel discussion that as US internal security services have requested powers that will allow them to handle ransomware hacking crimes in the same way that they handle terrorist activities, other crimes might now come under the same banner […]

28 Apr 2021
Apple fined $12M in Russia over app market abuse. Yair Cohen explains why

Apple’s “crime” was that it made it difficult for a third-party company who developed a child safety app, to sell the app through its app store. Instead, Apple promoted its own app, exclusively. Read more: Apple fined $12M in Russia over alleged app market abuse

17 Apr 2021
Google found guilty on location cheating in Australia

Google found to have misled Australian users in location tracking case. The Australian Federal Court has ruled that Google misled users in the country when it comes to how it collects and uses location data. Google was particularly crafty on this occasion as it gave users two different security settings, both of which had to […]

17 Apr 2021
Can social media companies rewrite history?

Never before in human history, have those in charge of carrying public information to billions of people across the planet, been left unregulated.  The closest example of large scale information carriers are telephone companies and TV news stations, both of which operate under licences, which prohibit discrimination or selection of their users. Certainly not a […]

06 Mar 2021
Why are farmers in India supported by social media giants

Why India farmers protest is supported by social media giants who say they will refuse to comply with the take down requests by the Indian government and instead, act upon their own judgement Yair Cohen, social media lawyer talks live about social media giants’ hypocrisy when dealing with the largest democracy in the world. Read […]

23 Feb 2021
Facebook political ad ban blocks COVID19 vaccine messages

Facebook has been blocking messages from city authorities, health care providers and community officials promoting vaccination against COVID-19. This again has called into question how effective the platform is in helping public awareness campaigns. Read more Does Facebook deliberately promote Chaos | Social Media Lawyer (

05 Feb 2021
Facebook hands in user private messages to FBI

How safe are your private messages on Facebook chat

30 Aug 2020
Should political ads be banned on social media?

The role of social media ads during election campaigns

18 Jun 2020
Financial institutions spy on employees computers at home

How far would employers go,  spying on employees who work from home Can employers lawfully spy on their employees who work form home? Read more Legal issues around spying on employees who work from home  

28 Apr 2020
Why European states are slow to use mobile tracing technology during COVID-19

How far can governments go in using mobile technology during COVID Tracing apps are playing a significant role in some countries in combating COVID-19. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has given a huge boost to some technological advances but more importantly, the virus has created a public readiness to accept them. The COVID-19 outbreak […]

23 Apr 2020
Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

What are the legal consequences of parents posting images and other private information about their young children on the internet Read more Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

12 Feb 2020

A decision like this had to be diplomatically worked together between the US & UK governments says social media lawyer Yair Cohen after the UK gives the green light to Huawei to be part of the UK’s 5G network.

01 Jan 2020
When did Facebook become a serious player in a political game?

Solicitor Yair Cohen says in a TV interview with RT News that during 2019, Facebook has cemented its position as a political player. Also in 2019, Facebook officially ceased to be a mere social media platform as it has engaged on a regular basis in editorial activism. The truth of the matter is that Facebook […]

01 Nov 2019
Twitter, Facebook and Political Ads

People are clever enough to make their own mind. The claims that bots and political ads are influencing political voting might not be as straight forward as some would like us to think.

01 Nov 2019
Why Facebook decided to keep displaying paid political Ads whilst Twitter chose to say no to the money

Read more: Twitter, Facebook, Political Ads and Mission Statements

25 Oct 2019
Why Facebook banned Russian Borscht recipes

Yair Cohen, Social Media Expert and Internet Law Solicitor, talks with RT News. Recently, Facebook banned a ‘Foodies’ page with some 40,000 subscribers that were posting Borscht recipes from the Russian institution. The reasoning behind their decision was that they believe that they identified the page as an emerging threat of a foreign coordinated and […]

27 Aug 2019
Facebook’s new tool is not a remedy for privacy concerns

UK social media lawyer Yair Cohen explains about Facebook’s new privacy tool  

23 Jul 2019
FacebookAbility of the police -UK police to use artificial intelligence to identify to be criminals

The government is turning into Facebook Artificial intelligence might be great for Facebook and particularly for boosting up its advertising revenue. However, let’s remember that history is full of examples of individuals who did exceptional things under exceptional circumstances because they managed to change. They managed to change what they were statistically meant to become, […]

03 Jul 2019
28 Jun 2019
Facebook Content Moderators – Yair Cohen on RT news

Facebook is facing accusations of staff mistreatment after a group of moderators claim that they were exposed to poor working conditions. The technology in place is quite sophisticated with moderating text and audio posts but when it comes to videos, they cannot automate it. These human moderators, who need to be able to act quickly […]

06 Jun 2019
It is possible to create cross jurisdictional internet regulation systems to limit social media content and self-harm

With social media being a possible driver of self-harm and suicide among the youth, the UK government is now taking matters into its own hands. Authorities says a new regulatory system for social media companies should be created to address the problem. Additionally, in an interview with Al Jazeera, Yair Cohen, a lawyer specializing in […]

07 May 2019
Does Hauwei really have hidden backdoors on their equipment supplied to Vodafone?

There have been claims in the news that Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Hauwei, had left a “little” backdoor open when it was involved in developing fixed line internet connections in Italy, on behalf of Vodafone. The implication from the news reports was that this was part of a “hidden agenda” by the Chinese government, aiming […]

03 May 2019
Service of injunction against an internet troll via Instagram for the first time in internet history

Occasionally, it might take some time to uncover the real identify of your internet troll so in the meantime, the courts in the UK allow you to serve in injunction on an unknown user via Instagram. Before serving the injunction, you must make sure that there is an order against Instagram to preserve all the […]

15 Apr 2019
19 Mar 2019
12 Feb 2019
It is possible to regulate the internet despite its global nature. Yair Cohen interview with AlJazeera

People say they feel safer when there is a police presence, such as a local bobby walking the streets. There is a well-established body of evidence showing that the public wants the police to maintain a high level of public visibility and accessibility. Read More

10 Jul 2018
28 Feb 2018
Why encryption works and how it is used by terrorists

Yair Cohen, internet law expert and social media solicitor, talks to RT UK.

27 Feb 2018
Google Anti-trust investigations

Live radio interview from California. Google’s Antitrust Battle with the EU Lawyer Yair Cohen go through the catalogue of EU cases against Google, where the European Commission alleges anti competitive behaviour by Google. In the US, they call this anti-trust. In the Europe, the same practices are called anti competitive behaviour. Whichever name you choose […]

08 Nov 2017
Yair Cohen talks to RT UK on UK surveillance case in ECHR

Yair Cohen, Internet law expert, talks to RT UK on UK surveillance case in ECHR.

17 Sep 2017
What is the new Intelligence & Surveillance Watchdog and can it be effective

Yair Cohen, Patner at Cohen Davis Solicitors, speaks to RT UK about watchdogs monitoring Gov’t Intelligence & Surveillance tactics.

19 Mar 2017
Is catfishing illegal in the UK?

Yair Cohen is interviewed by TV host Vanessa Cruickshank about catfishing and whether catfishing could or should be made illegal. Although catfishing is not illegal in the UK there are concerns that the practice of use of fake online profiles to trick people to depart with private information and agree to meet someone in person […]