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05 Feb 2021
Calling for more online harassers to be prosecuted

Yair Cohen in a radio interview with BBC Scotland

28 Feb 2020
Online harassment laws need to change to help victims of online harassment get their lives back

It is time we have reconsidered our approach to online harassment and so-called right to anonymity on the internet. There is a very simple way to get rid of online trolls, a phenomena that comes as a standard package, together with your brand new PC, iPhone, tablet and your internet connection. Online harassment can be […]

27 Feb 2020
Former Rangers and Hearts star’s daughter reveals her teenage bullying hell in a BBC interview together with Yair Cohen

Iain Ferguson’s daughter Kelsey has called for victims of online abuse to speak out following the death of Caroline Flack. Solicitor Yair Cohen explains how we can get rid of online bullying forevermore! The solution to online trolling is much more simple than most people think. Read more about how to stop online trolling  

26 Feb 2020
Identifying online trolls could be a simple process

In a radio interview on BBC Scotland, Yair talks with Kelsey Ferguson, who herself has talked recently about the bullying she suffered. Yair states: ‘Do we accept as a society that free speech will be misused or abused in such a way or do we want to make it easier to unravel the identity of […]

28 Aug 2019
Social media platforms to be accountable for amplifying hate speech

Social media platforms to be accountable for amplifying hate speech from Yair Cohen Solicitor on Vimeo.

10 Jul 2019
Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Features

Instagram’s new anti-bullying features are welcome news but I don’t think Instagram or Facebook are doing this necessarily because they want to protect their users (or maybe they do), but that they have been warned that there are going to be government regulations introduced unless they take a drastic approach to be seen that they are […]

05 Jul 2019
Lawyer Simone Burns is dead after a video of her being drunk on a plane went viral making her the target of sustained internet trolling and abuse

The question for us as a society is how many times do we want to punish someone who has committed a minor criminal offence or who perhaps was a bit silly and did something which is completely out of character? Perhaps they had decided to appear on a live or a reality TV show and […]

18 Jun 2019
The Antitrust Probe – What the US Government is hoping to achieve.

There is a fear that social media companies, by having too much power, will end up becoming over influential over people democratic choices. The US government has lodged an investigation to find out whether social media law firms, in fact, act as a dangerous monopoly. Yair Cohen, UK social media lawyer, explains why the government […]

07 May 2019
24 Feb 2019
22 Feb 2019
Why your child might not be safe using YouTube

Google would like us all to believe that the use of YouTube by paedophiles is an unfortunate event which it has no control over and which it did not cause. The truth, however, very different. Yair Cohen in a live radio interview  Why your child might not be safe using YouTube

18 Feb 2019
01 May 2018
The fallout from the sale of data by Twitter to Cambridge Analitica

Twitter has been caught out selling access to its users’ data to Cambridge Analitica, which in turn is alleged to have used data obtained from social media companies to manipulate the hearts and minds of innocent social media users. Last month, during the Data Protection Practitioners’ Conference,  ICO boss, Elizabeth Denham disclosed that the UK data protection […]

05 Mar 2018
Yair Cohen on The Legal Hour LBC – 28/02/2018

Yair Cohen, answers listeners questions about a right to be forgotten. Yair has joined presenter Clive Bull on LBC radio for a special internet and cyber-law legal hour.

27 Feb 2018
Why do we care so much about government snooping but are happy to be spied on by social media?

Social media companies know about our personal business far more than the government. So why is it that we object so much to security based spying whilst we are happy to accept  social media surveillance.