06 Jun 2021

Senate Bill 7072 Florida

Senate Bill 7072 Florida

Senate Bill 7072 Florida restricts the right of private social media companies to ban users from their platform

The aim of Senate Bill 7072 Florida (SB 7072) is to create a fairer competing environment for political candidates in Florida.

SB 7072 restricts the circumstances where social media companies can de-platform an individual from their platform. Social media companies will no longer be able to remove from their platform political figures who run for office.

Under SB 7072, social media companies will have to prove that their handling of an election campaign has been fair and transparent. This includes being able to demonstrate that the algorithm was not deliberately manipulated against or in favour of any political candidate.

It is likely that other states will follow suite and will legislate laws similar Florida Senate Bill 7072 Florida. At the same time, there are likely to be challenges to the bill on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

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