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28 Apr 2021
Apple fined $12M in Russia over app market abuse. Yair Cohen explains why

Apple’s “crime” was that it made it difficult for a third-party company who developed a child safety app, to sell the app through its app store. Instead, Apple promoted its own app, exclusively. Read more: Apple fined $12M in Russia over alleged app market abuse

05 Feb 2021
Calling for more online harassers to be prosecuted

Yair Cohen in a radio interview with BBC Scotland

30 Aug 2020
Should political ads be banned on social media?

What role social media ads play during election campaigns

30 Aug 2020
30 Aug 2020
18 Jun 2020
Financial institutions spy on employees computers at home

How far spying on employees during working from home COVID should go Read more Tool lets the boss watch staff working from home  

28 Apr 2020
Why European states are slow to use mobile tracing technology during COVID-19

How far can governments go in using mobile technology during COVID Tracing apps are playing a significant role in some countries in combating COVID-19. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has given a huge boost to some technological advances but more importantly, the virus has created a public readiness to accept them. The COVID-19 outbreak […]

23 Apr 2020
Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

What are the legal consequences of parents posting images and other private information about their young children on the internet Read more Breach of privacy of children when parents post images of their children on social media

27 Feb 2018
Anonymous Web ‘Trolls’ Are Targeted by Company Lawyers in U.K. Lawsuits

MoneySavingExpert, a British personal finance site with 5 million readers, was forced to hand over personal details about three users Similar orders have been granted in the U.K. over comments posted on Google Inc. (GOOG) blogs and comment boards at its YouTube unit’s website, said Yair Cohen, a lawyer for JPC.

27 Feb 2018
Individuals ‘have no right’ to stop name being used online

Ordinary people have no right to stop their names being used in web addresses because they are not famous enough, according to regulators. Yair Cohen, a solicitor at the Internet Law Centre, said the ruling showed individuals facing websites bearing their names were in a “vulnerable position”

27 Feb 2018
Defamation on the internet might land you in jail!

The Evening Standard reported today about Paul Britton, a web developer who used his SEO skills to defame a former client. The web developer pleaded guilty to harassing his own client by creating a derogatory website about him and was told by a Crown Court judge at Kingston Crown Court that he might go to […]

27 Feb 2018
Web developer avoids jail after creating website about ex-client which falsely claimed he was a paedophile

A web developer has walked free from court after creating a website about an ex-client falsely claiming he was a paedophile. Paul Britton built a website about chartered property surveyor…

27 Feb 2018
Online harassment injunction first Yair Cohen

Yair Cohen is the first lawyer successfully to serve a harassment injunction on an anonymous online abuser via mobile online photo-sharing and social networking service Instagram.

21 Aug 2017
09 Aug 2017