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27 Feb 2018
How online profiling of terror suspects works and why is Yahoo co-operating

Is Yahoo scanning of its user’s email a classic case of anti-terror profiling? How legitimate it is for Yahoo to adhere to requests by the security agencies to scan its user’s emails for “suspicious” keywords whilst all the other major email service providers say they would have refused similar request? Listen in to my radio […]

27 Feb 2018
Should online abuse be treated as seriously as face to face abuse

CPS as issued a new guidance as to how the police and the prosecution service should treat online abuse. As online abuse of celebrity, MPs and regular people reach nearly an epidemic level, the common misconception that free speech and online anonymity are one and the same must be challenged. In this BBC Radio 4 […]

08 Nov 2017
Yair Cohen talks to RT UK on UK surveillance case in ECHR

Yair Cohen, Internet law expert, talks to RT UK on UK surveillance case in ECHR.

17 Sep 2017
What is the new Intelligence & Surveillance Watchdog and can it be effective

Yair Cohen, Patner at Cohen Davis Solicitors, speaks to RT UK about watchdogs monitoring Gov’t Intelligence & Surveillance tactics.

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19 Mar 2017
Is catfishing illegal in the UK?

Yair Cohen is interviewed by TV host Vanessa Cruickshank about catfishing and whether catfishing could or should be made illegal. Although catfishing is not illegal in the UK there are concerns that the practice of use of fake online profiles to trick people to depart with private information and agree to meet someone in person […]

09 Mar 2016
Legality of Negative Reviews

Is it legal to post a negative online review? What about attempts by companies to remove negative online reviews, is it legal, or lawful to try and suppress free speech? UK internet lawyer Yair Cohen has given a full length interview to  our colleagues at Reboot, one of UK’s most respectable Google search engine optimisation […]

09 May 2011
Analysis: Internet democracy sounds the death knell for the judges

We have been brought up to believe that telling lies is wrong – now it appears superinjunctions are telling us that telling the truth is wrong, too.However, the ongoing democratisation of our world through the internet, which basically says “let the community decide what is useful important or even truthful” UK internet law specialist Yair […]