Yair Cohen new controversial book: The Net Is Closing, birth of the e-police


Official publication date of the new book by social media lawyer Yair Cohen. The Net is Closing; birth of the e-police

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Yair Cohen celebrates his new book about the internet police.  The Net Is Closing: birth of the e-police  is a controversial book about the current state of internet policing. 

Written to inform the public on what really happens online, the net is closing: birth of the e-police calls out internet bullies, online anonymity, and shines a bright light on who (or what) is behind policing our current "virtual" reality. 

Determined, purposive and armed with real-life cases of online atrocities, author and top UK Internet Lawyer Yair Cohen's fascinating insights into the internet and our society scares, angers, excited and disturbs. Warning: The Net Is Closing: birth of the e-police is not for the faint-hearted. After reading, you will be on one side, or the other.